Healthy Breakfast Recipe: Add Variety To Your Breakfast With Aloo Poha for Nashta in 20 Min

Thinking about what to make for breakfast gets confusing. We know only how to make a few recipes but we are bored of repeating them. To experiment with new and different recipes is also a herculean task as we don’t have enough time to do so because we have an entire day of work ahead of us. Therefore, we want something unique to eat but at the same time, we want something we are familiar with and can be prepared quickly. Keeping these things in my mind, I have found a breakfast recipe that we all know and love but has a simple twist to it: aloo poha! Aloo poha is a yummy and delicious breakfast that everybody in your family will enjoy as it adds the favourite potato to a classic Indian breakfast. This recipe should be added to your cookbook!


Poha is a very common breakfast item.

How to Make Aloo Poha | Aloo Poha Recipe for Nashta

The recipe for aloo poha is very similar to making kanda poha. The best part about this recipe is that it wouldn’t take a lot of time to create something unique that you don’t eat at home. To make this recipe, you need all the ingredients to make a poha along with boiled potatoes. Adding boiled potatoes to the poha reduces the cooking time, making this breakfast quick to make.  Cooking the potatoes with poha might burn the dish as potato takes time to cook and poha doesn’t. Another important tip for making poha is the washing of raw poha. Washed poha becomes soggy after 5-10 minutes. It is essential to wash the poha for 5 minutes before putting it in the pan if you want fresh and flaky poha.

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