Cucumber Idli: An Easy Yet Healthy Breakfast That You Must Try

There is no denying that idlis are one of the most loved breakfast dishes. You either like them doused in a hot and tangy sambar or with cooling coconut chutney on the sides, idli works well in almost every way. Besides being delicious, idli is also healthy and light on the stomach. While there seems to be a number of reasons to love idli, there is just one tiny problem with idli and that is – it takes some time to prepare this delicious south Indian delicacy. From soaking the rice to fermenting it, you need to start well in advance. But what if you suddenly crave for idlis and have no idli batter in hand? Well, worry not, because we found an instant idli recipe – Cucumber idli.


Cucumber brings a distinct and refreshing taste to the idlis

Cucumber idli is an easy breakfast recipe and is quite popular in Karnataka and the Konkani region. The best part about this idli recipe is that it does not require fermentation, soaking, or any of that lengthy process. With just some cucumber and suji, delicious and refreshing cucumber idli is ready to be savored. Since cucumber has a cooling taste and flavor, you can pair cucumber idli with spicy chutney to strike a balance and make for a flavourful breakfast.

How To Make Cucumber Idli l Cucumber idli recipe:

Get some tender cucumbers and grate them, squeeze the water out. In a bowl add the grated cucumber, suji, and other ingredients and let them soak for some time. Get your steamer going and steam these idlis for 20 minutes. Take off the heat and serve hot.

Click here for the step-by-step recipe for Cucumber Idli.

Try this flavourful idli and let us know how you liked it in the comments below.