Breakfast: Kick-start your mornings with these delicious coffee smoothies

Smoothies are fantastic; be it in between meals, with meals, or instead of meals. They’re nutritious, delicious, thick, fruity and the perfect food for every mood. You can throw in any or all types of fruits together and the result will almost always be amazing. Giving the smoothies a coffee twist, here are some delicious coffee-based smoothie recipes for a hearty breakfast that you must try, courtesy Abdul Sahid Khan, head trainer, Lavazza India.

Start your morning coffee routine with these refreshing coffee smoothies. These recipes are similar to the chilly treats at cafes but with a healthy twist. Try these coffee smoothie recipes that include healthy ingredients and added protein to give you energy for the day ahead, says Khan.

Vegan Cashew Cappuccino Smoothie

Coffee, recipes Vegan Cashew Cappuccino Smoothie (Source: PR Handout)

This ultra-thick cappuccino-like creamy smoothie is packed with healthy fats, protein, and rich flavour.
If you love flavours like vanilla, cashew, and coffee, you’re going to love this extra thick and creamy, cappuccino-inspired smoothie with some extra toppings of your choice.


100ml – French press coffee (make it bit stronger)
40ml -Soy cream or Vegan vanilla protein powder
6-8 no – Cashews nuts
1 no – Frozen banana
10ml – Vanilla extract or syrup
Pinch of pink salt or rock salt
3-4 no – Ice cubes

Topping Ideas:
Chopped almonds or cashews
Sliced Banana

*Add all ingredients to a high-speed blender.
*Turn on low and slowly increase speed, blend until thick and creamy. For best results, do not over blend. It should be just combined and creamy but if you blend too long, the heat from the blender will affect the creamy, frozen consistency.
*Pour into a glass top with your favorite toppings and enjoy.
*You can add a scoop of protein powder if you into a daily dose of protein.

Espresso and Date Smoothie

This one is a favourite with many for their morning dose of motivation! Try this instantly made coffee smoothie with the easiest of ingredients.

Coffee, recipes Espresso and Date Smoothie (Source: PR Handout)

30ml – Espresso or mokapot coffee
1 no – Banana
2-3 no – Dates
1tbsp – Peanut butter
1tbsp – Maple syrup
60ml – Almond milk or milk of choice
5 no – Ice cubes


*Put everything in a blender and blend until smooth.
*You can run the blender at medium speed as ice cubes need to be crushed but make sure you don’t blend it for longer which might affect the consistency.
*For a thicker smoothie, use frozen banana and cool down an espresso before your pour into blender.

Cold brew Protein Smoothie

Coffee, recipes Cold brew Protein Smoothie (Source: PR Handout)

This cold brew smoothie can be enjoyed any time of the year. It’s super delicious and fun to make.

Simply pour cold brew into an ice cube tray to make some little coffee ice cubes. Then freeze them until solid.
Cold brew smoothie is quick and easy to make, naturally sweet and delicious, and full of protein. If you’re into protein powders, feel free to add a tablespoon if you like.

150ml – Cold brew, frozen into ice cubes
4-5 no – Cashews nuts
40-50ml – Almond milk
60g – Greek yogurt ( you can use plain or vanilla flavour)
1tbsp – Chia seeds


*Add all ingredients to a blender and run until smooth.
*Use Cashews nuts soaked overnight for a smooth and creamy texture.
*Serve immediately, garnished with extra chia seeds.

Coffee, Oats, and Peanut Butter Smoothie

Coffee, recipes Coffee, Oats and Peanut Butter Smoothie (Source: PR Handout)

This healthy coffee smoothie is really a complete breakfast with whole grains, fruit, caffeine, and your daily dose of protein, mentions Khan.

100ml – French press coffee (make it bit stronger)
1 no – Frozen banana
120ml – Milk
1tbsp – Peanut butter
30g – Rolled oats


*Combine all ingredients in a blender until smooth, adding more milk as necessary to reach a consistency to your liking. Serve immediately.
*For the topping, you can add some chopped dates or fruit of your choice.
*You can add a scoop of protein powder too.

Java Green Smoothie

Coffee, recipes Java Green Smoothie (Source: PR Handout)

This coffee smoothie is the creamiest, most delicious way to get your morning caffeine dose. One of the best frappuccino-like smoothie you can drink all day too!

150ml – French press coffee (make it a bit stronger)
Half no – Avocado, pilled, and mashed
50ml – Condensed milk
10ml – Vanilla syrup
5-6 no – Ice cubes


*Put avocado, coffee, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla syrup, and ice cubes in a blender and blend until smooth.
*Pour into glasses and enjoy.
*If you want low sugar, replace condensed milk with soy cream, and vanilla syrup to vanilla extract.

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