Weight Loss Recipe: Make This Delicious No Bread Sooji Toast In Just 20 Minutes

Do you also wake up every day and wish that you had a cook who would magically make you a good and healthy breakfast? Well, we wish we had that too. But unfortunately, we are our own cooks. And making breakfast sometimes can be challenging. You’ve probably just woken up and are late for your meeting or a class, and when this happens, most of us have a coffee and bread or simply skip breakfast. But let us tell you that missing breakfast or not eating a full meal can sometimes be harmful to our bodies. Breakfast, as said, is one of the most important meals of the day, but if you don’t get enough time to make a nutritious meal in the morning, then don’t worry, we have you covered. So, for you to make a nutritious, fulfilling and healthy breakfast, we bring you a recipe of no bread sooji toast!

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We are pretty sure that earlier you must have heard about a sooji toast, but this no bread sooji taste is a game-changer. This breakfast is nutritious, but it may also help you manage your weight as it is made with sooji and no bread.


Weight Loss: How To Make No Bread Sooji Toast

To make this dish, first prepare the sooji ghol by mixing sooji, curd, some water and salt. Mix these till a smooth consistency is formed.

Then in a pan, add chopped vegetables like onion, carrots, tomatoes and capsicum. Mix these with masalas and sautee for a few minutes.

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Then in another pan, pour some sooji batter, in middle, add the vegetable mix and pour more batter from above. Cook this well and serve with any chutney or sauce and enjoy!

For the full recipe of no bread sooji toast, click here.

Make this yummy recipe and let us know how you liked it.