Pizza is a healthier option for breakfast than sugary cereals, expert says

Nutritionist Chelsey Amer has claimed pizza for breakfast is a healthier choice than many of the leading brands of sugary cereal – but warned she wouldn’t recommend either to start the day

Beautiful young woman sitting on sofa and eating pizza in living room
Pizza is “not recommended” as a breakfast, but the expert says it is healthier than some cereals (stock image)

Many of us are guilty of chowing down on some leftover pizza first thing in the morning – but it might not be the worst thing we could choose for breakfast.

According to New York City nutritionist Chelsey Amer, eating pizza for breakfast is actually better for you than some bowls of sugary cereal.

Of course, pizza is no substitute for more healthy breakfast foods like muesli and other low-sugar cereals, but it could be an acceptable substitute for anything packed with sugar.

Chelsey told ABC News : “Surprisingly, pizza can be a more balanced breakfast option than many sugar-filled breakfast cereals.

Chelsey is encouraging people to “focus on balance” for their breakfast


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“A slice of plain cheese pizza contains a balance of carbs, protein, and fat. A bowl of sugary cereal with low fat milk is largely sugar and extremely carb-heavy.”

Dr Lauren Kelly also looked into the claims for the same TV network, and was quick to point out that pizza is not particularly good for you – but that most cereals available today are even worse.

Lauren also insisted Chelsey’s claims about pizza were designed to “highlight that cereal has poor nutritional value”, rather than praise pizza.

She added: “Not that pizza is the best choice either, but people usually consider pizza a cheat food – the opposite of a healthy choice.”

And Chelsey agreed, saying she was “not recommending pizza as an everyday breakfast”, but instead trying to discourage people from eating sugary cereal.

She clarified: “People should focus on a balance of high fibre carbohydrates, lean protein, and healthy fats to stay full throughout the morning.

“It’s shocking to know that pizza is comparable to, if not higher in protein than, the food so many American kids are eating every morning for breakfast.”

Lauren and Chelsey both say the best thing to do is think about what you eat and try to make healthy choices for each meal.

Dr Kelly said: “The important take home is to be more mindful of what’s in our food and to eat a balanced breakfast that’s high in protein and minimizes carbs from added sugar and fried foods.”

And Chelsey added: “Additionally, it’s important to note that there are some great breakfast cereals on the market.

“Look for whole grains and less than 5g sugar per serving when checking the nutrition facts label.”