Optim Medical Center — Screven celebrates 70 years of health care

A milestone of seven decades for a business is deserving of a gala so patrons of a community can have the chance to thank employees – current and former – for their efforts to reach such longevity.

Seen in this photograph, the hospital in Screven County is dedicated in 1951. Optim Medical Center -- Screven celebrates 70 years of local health care this year in Sylvania.

When a mark of 70 years is met in the middle of a global pandemic, celebratory plans have to be altered. When the business hitting the years of existence in 2021 is the primary local stalwart in the medical health and safety of its county’s citizens, then that business’s relevance is evident today more than ever.

Optim Medical Center – Screven is that business in Sylvania that today, Sept. 9, has achieved 70 years of operation. When rural communities in Georgia have seen their hospitals shutter during woeful economic times, the medical center – be it owned and operated by the county government or by a private entity – has kept its doors open to treat and care for patients.