High-Protein Breakfast: Make These 7 Recipes To Indulge In A Yummy And Nutritious Breakfast

You could be on a low-carb or keto diet and proteins are the one thing you have started worshipping of late. Or you may be opting for more proteins after seeing your nutritionist. In any case, we don’t expect every protein-rich diet to force us into eating eggs or meat. You can wrap your head around this complex maze of diets by choosing protein-rich oats, tofu, quinoa or spinach. Even old-school chickpeas can help you with an eggless breakfast laden with protein. Here are some recipes that will help you:

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1) Quinoa Poha

We are ditching the regular poha to enrich it with more proteins. Pick up your pack of quinoa and cook it with veggies, mustard and curry leaves. A perfect breakfast if you are on a weight loss diet. Here is the recipe.


Enrich your regular poha with more proteins

2) Spinach Pancakes With Walnuts And Oats

Turn the ingredients into a smooth mix in a blender, cook the batter as pancakes with a dash of olive oil and serve it with honey or cottage cheese. For the recipe, click here. 

3) Chickpea Fritters

If you want to start your morning with something zanier, get some fritters but not the oil-drenched fat-stuffed ones. Get a dose of protein with a batter of blended chickpea, olives, tomatoes, bell peppers, ginger and herbs. Fry the batter in olive oil for this good-for-you breakfast. Click here for the recipe. 


Fry the batter in olive oil for this breakfast

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4) Besan Ka Cheela

A power-packed protein breakfast need not be a recipe from foreign lands. Here’s our desi Cheela that can get you going through the day with lots of energy. See the recipe here.


A power-packed protein breakfast

5) Oats Idli

We are suggesting a twist to the regular idli to pack you with more protein at the start of the day. Dry roasts the oats and powder them. Add seasoning and make the batter with a good amount of curd. Serve it hot with onion chutney. Take a look.

6) Tofu Bhurji

Bhurjis are not just for the egg lovers out there. For an eggless protein-rich breakfast you can grate tofu (or paneer) and cook it with onions and tomatoes. Have it with roti or spread it inside your sandwich. Check it out.


This recipe is packed with nutrients

7) Apple Chia Seeds Smoothie

Stuff this smoothie with apple slices, yoghurt, chia seeds and peanut butter and blend them well. Serve it chilled to give your day a headstart. Here is the recipe.


Apple juice can offer you multiple health benefits

Try these amazing delicious recipe and keep yourself healthy with these breakfast ideas. Let us know how you liked them in the comments below.