Give A Tasty Spin To Your Breakfast With These Yummy And Unique Rolls

It is a well-known fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While your breakfast should be healthy and filling, there is no rule that says it cannot be delicious too. A healthy breakfast keeps you active throughout the day, but a healthy and delicious breakfast keeps you happy too. If you are bored of your regular breakfast spread of cereal or bread and jam, then read on. We’ve curated a list of easy, healthy, and delicious breakfast roll recipes for you to enjoy. Are you slurping yet? You most definitely will after taking a look at the special recipes for you to rustle up at home.

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Here is a list of special breakfast rolls you can make at home:

1) Bread Roll

Now, if you’re wondering how bread rolls, which are typically deep-fried, can be a healthy breakfast option, worry not. This recipe is of delicious bread rolls that are made on a tawa. All you need are slices of bread that are flattened out and stuffed with a tasty vegetable stuffing. And the best part? This recipe takes less than 30 minutes.


The much healthier tawa bread roll

2) Egg Roll

No breakfast can be complete without eggs, right? Well, this recipe puts a tasty twist on regular eggs and is a filling meal. All you need are eggs, onions, and green chilies. The recipe also uses hung curd and fresh coriander leaves that add a refreshing and tangy flavour to this dish.

3) Sooji Rolls

This breakfast dish is healthy and packed with nutrients, which is a great way to start your morning. Here, steamed sooji rolls are tempered with a flavourful mix of curry leaves, green chilies, and mustard seeds. This recipe is similar to the Gujarati dish Khandvi. However, it uses sooji instead of besan.


The soft and delicious sooji rolls

4) Cinnamon Rolls

Bored of eating savory dishes for breakfast? This recipe is just for you. Cinnamon rolls are deliciously warm and moist. The perfect breakfast indeed.

5) Paneer Thread Rolls

Who said you cannot eat paneer for breakfast? This recipe uses chunks of soft paneer that are wrapped with cooked noodles and fried. This Indo-Asian fusion dish is a treat indeed!


Crispy and crunchy paneer rolls

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Indulge your taste buds with these yummy breakfast roll recipes. Do tell us which ones you loved eating.