Easy Breakfast Recipes: 5 Snacks That You Can Have For Breakfast Too

By now, we all know how important it is to have a wholesome meal for breakfast. It not only helps kick-start the day, but also refuels us with energy and nutrients to keep us going. This is why experts always stress on not skipping the first meal of the day for overall good health. In a quintessential Indian household, breakfast reminds us of poha, upma, idli, paratha et al. And, of course, a hot cup of tea or coffee by the side! But there are days when we don’t feel like having something such heavy or fulfilling. Instead, we look for something light yet fulfilling. What do you do then? We resort to some snacks and a cup of tea or coffee.

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Here we listed some of our favourite snack options that we eat instead of a healthy breakfast. They are light, delicious and fulfilling to the core. Let’s take a look.

Here’re 5 Easy Breakfast Snacks Option For You:

1. Dhokla:

Light, spongy and fluffy, dhokla makes the most perfect snack option for breakfast. Besides being delicious, this Gujarati delicacy is rich in protein and fibre and helps you keep full for long. That’s not all. You can also experiment with a classic dhokla recipe to make it healthier and tastier. Here we bring a low calorie dhokla recipe that can be prepared in microwave oven in just 30 minutes. Click here for recipe. 


Make a delicious dhokla 

2. Egg Chaat:

Egg is a store house of protein, fibre, vitamins and several essential minerals. This subsequently makes egg a perfect food to start your day with. Hence, we bring you a simple egg chaat recipe that is just ideal for the days you don’t feel like having anything heavy and fulfilling. And the best part is you need just 20 minutes to put together this dish. Click here for recipe. 

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This breakfast gives you good energy for the day

3. Bombay Toasty:

If you thought this popular street food from Mumbai is just meant for snacking, then you are in for a surprise. Bombay toasty (or Bombay sandwich) also makes for a fulfilling meal that you can prepare in just half-an-hour. Click here for recipe. 


Make this yummy sandwich easily

4. Methi Muthia:

Another Gujarati delicacy, it crumbly and soft and includes the goodness of fresh methi leaves, spices and besan. You can either fry the muthia or steam it to enjoy a healthy and wholesome breakfast. Click here for recipe. 

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5. Sabudana Vada:

We also found a vrat-friendly option for you. Here’s scrumptious sabudana vada that can not only amp up your vrat meal, but also help you give a delicious start to the day. Find the recipe here. 

Now, skipping meal altogether is not an option anymore. Have these snacks for a light breakfast and kick-start your day. And do not forget to let us know which one you liked the most.